Baranof, Alexander Andrevitch

Baranof, Alexander Andrevitch
   Governor of Russian America. Had been manager of a glass factory at Irkutsk, Siberia; grew tired of the monotonous though profitable business, and engaged in the fur trade of eastern Siberia. Appointed governor of the principal Russian trading company in America, 1790. Nine years later, the different companies were united, and Baranof moved his headquarters from Kadiak to New Archangel (Sitka), where he built a strong fort, with a shipyard, foundry, churches, and hospitals. Even a library and picture-gallery were afterwards added to this little outpost of Russian civilization. In 1818 sailed for home, and died at sea on the voyage.
   Index: D His rule at Sitka, 44; his character, 44; his death, 1819, 45,
   Bib.: Laut, Vikings of the Pacific.

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